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Grazia Concilio

Politecnico di Milano

She is an engineer and associate professor in Urban Planning and Design at DAStU; PhD in “Economic evaluation for Sustainability” from the University of Naples Federico II. She carried out research activity at the RWTH in Aachen, Germany (1995), at IIASA in Laxenburg, Austria (1998) and at the Concordia University of Montreal, Canada, (2002); she is reviewer for many international journals and member (in charge of LL new applications) of ENoLL (European Network of open Living Lab). Collaborating on and or coordinating different research teams: responsible for a CNR research program (2001); coordinator of a project funded by the Puglia Regional Operative Programme (2007-2008), responsible of the POLIMI team for the European project Periphèria (2010-2013),  MyNeighbourhood (2013-2015) and Open4Citizens (2015-2018). She is now responsible of the Politecnico di Milano unit for the Horizon2020 projects: Designscapes (2017-2021), Polivisu (2017-2020) and the coordinator of EASYRIGHTS (2020-2022).