MESOC Tools and Resources

MESOC Toolkit offers a service to academics, policy makers and cultural operators willing to measure the societal value and impacts of cultural policies and practices at City level. The innovation bringing up with this toolkit is a similar environment to many of monitoring systems, as far as their data visualisation capacities are concerned, with the key difference that the city analysed will be visualized according to the transition variables and indicators adopted in the respective cultural policies and practices. 

MESOC Toolkit is a georeferenced assessing the value and impacts of cultural policies and practices of European regions and cities under the perspective of societal value creation and the impact transmission mechanisms of observed cultural policies and practices according to MESOC matrix.

The MESOC matrix cross-references cultural domains (introduced by the EUROSTAT) against the three pillars of the structural model.

Ten cultural domains are Heritage, Archives, Libraries, Book and Press, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Audiovisual and Multimedia, Architecture, Advertising and Art crafts.

Three pillars of the structural model stem from three crossover themes of the new European Agenda for Culture: Health and Wellbeing, Urban and Territorial Renovation and People’s Engagement and Participation.

In each of 30 cells of MESOC matrix (at the intersection between rows and columns), we analyze possible transition variables. The transition variable establishes the mechanism to measure the transition or impact generation and transmission pathways associated to each of ten cultural domains. The MESOC map georeferences two types of documents: pilot (marked red) and scientific (marked blue) studies.

Link to the MESOC Toolkit.