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The second part of the MESOC workshop "Societal impacts of culture: A transitional perspective" titled "Cities in dialogue" took place online on March 4th, 2021. 

The event was open to an invited audience, and it provided the opportunity to discuss with experts and stakeholders the methodological and operational approaches needed to support social impacts assessment and evaluation. MESOC Pilot cities shared the outcomes of the activities carried out in their local contexts. Furthermore, they launched the discussion with experts and practitioners from several European cities in three thematic focus groups, aiming to explore local experiences and validate MESOC approach and outputs.

Link to the program

Discover the videos of this workshop:

  • Opening by Francesco Molinari and Davide Ponzini
  • Introduction to MESOC Pilots: Where are we?
  • Insights from Pilot cities experiences
  • Reports from Focus Groups
  • Final Round Table
  • Conclusion by Tony Murphy