AU platform

AU Culture platform


The AU Culture Platform is an application that allows evaluating, from a wide perspective, the impacts generated on individuals after the participation in a cultural event.

The format is an application that can be used on mobile phones or any other digital platform. It aims to become a democratic tool for evaluating the services that cultural or policy institutions can adopt through the use of an interacting platform that produces big data. The platform is designed to generate a database that allows us to understand, at an aggregated level, how the satisfaction is constructed in the participation in a cultural event, which permits us to compare between cultural events and to analyse the reactions for each specific segment of audiences. The user her/himself evaluates the cultural experience avoiding the interviewer-dominated process, while reflecting her/his real perception and experience. The users' evaluations help to gain insight into ways of improving cultural services, and experience by acquiring more knowledge about consumer behaviour. AU Culture platform, on the one hand, helps the cultural and political organizations to meet the need and the interests of their users, and on the other, it allows the individuals to express their voice and engages themselves in active cultural dynamics in the city.

Therefore, we can summarise the characteristics of AU Culture platform as follows:

  • it includes a comprehensive approach in the evaluation framework, that we will explain indepth
  • in the next paragraph;
  • it provides quantitative data;
  • there is no interviewer-dominated process in data collection;
  • it is user-oriented
Au platfrom

Figure 1 summarizes the logical architecture of AU Culture, which is articulated in three different functionalities.

1. Person. This part collects socio-demographic information, cultural interests and habits about the users. Depending on the data entered in this section, the user will be associated with one Cultotype2 rather than another. The Cultotype is a cultural profile that defines what kind of cultural consumer the user is.

2. Event. The AU Culture platform shows various events taking place in the city where the user is geolocated.

3. Evaluation. After having participated in a specific event, the user will be able to evaluate it. Finally, the user could compare its results with those of other users who have rated the same event.

With this kind of information, the app develops intelligent algorithms for recommending cultural events around the city, which will permit a better matching and efficiency in the connection between cultural supply and demand, reducing transaction costs in the cultural ecosystem.