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Crossover themes

UNCHARTED is a four years project, funded under the H2020 Programme, which aims to identify, contextualize, understand, measure and analyse the emergence and conformation of the values of culture from an interdisciplinary, collaborative and pluralistic perspective. 

The starting point is the evaluation of the crucial contribution provided by cultural participation in facing some of the most current pressing problems of the European community:

  • Integration of immigrant populations
  • Social cohesion weakened by the crisis
  • Strengthening the critical capacity of citizenship

Indeed, cultural participation has a good influence on people both on individual and collective dimension.

  • At individual level it increases well-being , stimulates learning and makes an individual more sociable and responsible. In this sense, it promotes tolerance and citizen participation.
  • As collective effect it generates identity and a sense of belonging promoting inclusion and social cohesion. It also has a positive influence on local territories as it increases the wellness of cities and countries.

From a European perspective culture has a very strong economic impact as it generates a high volume of employment, but it is also a powerful resource for fighting the main threats that undermine the peaceful coexistence in Europe. In this light, it is worth that cultural policies take into account the strategic plural values of culture.

These are currently fundamental challenges for Europe and the main areas in which the project plans to leave its contribution by developing new tools and guidelines for understanding, calibrating and managing the plurality of values of culture.