Milan Culture Plan

Cultural Plan Milan
Milan Culture Plan
Support for cultural sectors

The 15th of May, the Culture Plan was approved by the Executive, which defines the guidelines for the allocation of contributions in support of operators offering cultural services in Milan. The budget of 2 million euros, which comes from the Mutual Aid Fund for the health emergency of the Municipality of Milan, was destined for the Culture sector.

The strategic and operational objectives contained in the "Culture Plan" are aimed at reaching those who work in the field of production, dissemination and cultural diffusion, and are articulated through different lines of action:

  • the houses of culture: contribution to the maintenance costs during the emergency of the venues intended for cultural activities and services that express public function (theaters, cinemas, museums and exhibition spaces, bookshops, cultural associations, training institutes in artistic and performing disciplines, archival locations, hybrid spaces with a cultural vocation, etc.);
  • culture and work: contribution to the coverage of the damages suffered in relation to the forced suspension of the activity;
  • FOCUS objective - Fund for sustainable culture: support for pilot projects based on principles of sustainability in the use of resources, construction of collaboration networks, involvement of the various cultural supply chains, etc. A share of up to 200,000 euros  is earmarked for this area and projects with a contribution of up to 40,000 euros each can be financed.

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