Culture and Wellbeing Forum 2022

Sendy Ghirardi
Culture and Wellbeing Forum 2022
Culture and Wellbeing Forum
Cluj Cultural Center

Our partner Cluj Cultural Centre organised from 26 to 28 October 2022, the Culture and Wellbeing Forum 2021: Scaling Up Arts and Culture Interventions for Health and Wellbeing, a three-day event that includes conference panels, inspirational talks, case studies, workshops, policy discussions and an artistic programme.

Through a series of Roundtables this forum aimed to bring together policy makers, practitioners and researchers from all around Europe to discuss the opportunities for joint policy and action among the health, cultural and social sectors. Following the CultureForHealth policy workshops from Denmark and Italy, the event facilitated cross-sectoral and trans-European cooperation aiming to generate knowledge and compile policy guidelines on how to enhance well-being through culture.

Sendy Ghirardi, researcher at Econcult, participated in this Forum to present her research within the MESOC project, on the impact of culture, on wellbeing, looking at the case of Valencia.