Cities in transition: exploring the role of urban cultural policies

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Cities in transition: exploring the role of urban cultural policies
Special Issue
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MESOC team published the Special Issue City, Territory and Architecture in SpringerOpen, on the thematic "Cities in transition: exploring the role of urban cultural policies".

This Special Issue, edited by Irene Bianchi and Ilaria Tosoni from Politecnico di Milano, together with Pau Rausell Köster from the University of Valencia, opens a debate on the role of cultural policies and initiatives in urban transformations and their potential contribution to urban transition processes. Activities developed in different cultural domains (e.g. including architecture, heritage, performative arts, visual arts) by different urban stakeholders have been broadly recognised as potential drivers of change at the city and neighbourhood levels. Nevertheless, their contribution to the long-term restructuring of spatial, social and organisational settings and their effects on citizens’ routines and behaviours needs to be further explored. Also, it is crucial to critically reflect on the paths through which cultural policies trigger (purposive or unintended) effects at multiple levels, and on their social and political implications. 

This thematic series hosts research reflecting on the role and meaning of culture-led transformative dynamics in cities and on the mechanisms through which they emerge. In addition, they will investigate how cultural activities contribute to (re-)shape cities in their socio-spatial and institutional configurations and affect citizens’ quality of life.

Seven articles have been published already: