The Cultural Heritage Sector is a key enabler of the advancement of the Cultural and Creative Industries in Europe. Not only does it provide access to vast amounts of reusable cultural content, it can be seen as a R&D lab of the cultural and creative ecosystem through which it contributes both to the economic advancement and to society at large. However, researchers and policy-makers are struggling to fully understand the crucial role that the Cultural Heritage Sector can play in the digitisation process of the cultural and creative ecosystem in Europe. 

inDICEs is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to empower policy-makers and decision-makers in the Cultural and Creative Industries to fully understand the social and economic impact of digitisation in their sectors and address the need for innovative (re)use of cultural assets.  

How? By tracking policies in an open observatory and establishing policy priorities for successful digital transformation and future governance of cultural and creative content ecosystems, inDICEs is working to provide tools to measure and advance the impact of cultural heritage in Europe. 

As a result, policy-makers will have a solid framework to assess the impact of cultural heritage and an open observatory to keep track of the advancement of its impact. For their own part, Cultural Heritage Institutions will be able to make strategic decisions that will allow them to increase their positive contributions to the CCI and society.

inDICEs brings together internationally renowned research groups in the domains of Cultural Economics, IP Law and Digital Humanities, representatives from the CCI with deep with substantial outreach capacity, social innovators and platform developers.  You can explore and sign up to the inDICEs Open Observatory Platform in here